Colorado joins the Launch Years Initiative

Colorado is joining the Launch Years Initiative to support the scaling of modern mathematics pathways from high school into postsecondary education.

Twenty states, as well as national mathematics education and educational equity organizations, are a part of the Launch Years Initiative. This work is led by the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Austin, in partnership with Education Strategy Group, Parent Institute for Quality Engagement, and Texas Advanced Computing Center.

Colorado's initial involvement with the Charles A. Dana Center dates to 2014, when the center supported the Colorado Department of Higher Education to convene a task force to engage in math pathway reform in Colorado's higher education system. For this new effort, Colorado's Launch Years Initiative leadership team includes higher education representatives from the Colorado Community College System and the Colorado Department of Higher Education, along with K-12-focused representatives from the Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado Math Leaders, and the Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The development of mathematics pathways will be coordinated primarily through the Colorado Math Leaders, and all interested stakeholders are encouraged to get involved.

Mathematics education, particularly in the transition from high school into postsecondary education, is often a barrier to students’ success. Through the Launch Years Initiative, Colorado hopes to remove many of these barriers by scaling and advancing multiple math pathways, like statistics and data science, while also focusing on modern curricula and content for our STEM pathway, to allow all students the opportunity to joyfully learn math skills that match their goals for the future.

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