Launch Years timeline

Launch Years timeline

Colorado will be following guidance from the Dana Center as part of the Launch Years Initiative, including the following schedule.

Objective 1: Identify and recruit task force members

Target date: February 2023

Objective 2: Define the problem

Target date: May 2023

Objective 3: Define the challenges

Objective 4: Brainstorm solutions

Objective 5: Examine existing task force and set the charge

Target date: Summer 2023

Objective 6: Prioritize solutions and draft recommendations

Target date: September 2023

Objective 7: Formally vet recommendations

Target date: November 2023

Objective 8: Write and publish recommendations

Target date: February 2024

Objective 9: Disseminate and champion recommendations

Target date: May 2024

Includes plans for implementation, scaling, and technical assistance